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Mommy Owl

Mommy Diaper Bag - Grey

Mommy Diaper Bag - Grey

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Our Mommy Diaper Bag has a beautiful design and the most quality in diaper bags, help and make any mom super fashionable.

Made of Polyester fabric. 1000D nylon.

Size 33*32*12 cm.

1. Travel lightly and get it done in one package. The product has a large capacity and is sufficient for installation. To meet the needs of daily travel, there is no need to prepare other bags, one bag should change, and the weight of the product itself is only about 240g, which improves the travel experience. 
2. Scientific division, reasonable layout, find what you think immediately at the critical moment. Although the bag is small, everything is available, and the scientific partition design will bid farewell to messy, and keep the chain at the critical moment. Solve the problem that you have a lot of things to travel and cannot find at the critical moment. Specially designed heat preservation pockets for baby bottles, so that babies can drink hot milk when they go out. 
3. Preferably 1000D nylon fabric, anti-fouling and durable, easy to take care of. When traveling, wipe lightly with wet paper towels to reduce repeated cleaning, easily deal with small stains, and durable. 
4. Multi-scene application to improve utilization rate. It can be hung on a crib or dining chair at home, and can be used at any time; it can also be hung on a stroller, held in hand, or cross-body when traveling. 
5. Exquisite craftsmanship, high load-bearing capacity. There are dense and neat stitches at the edge of the bag, allowing the product to be stitched firmly and not easy to fall off. It provides the possibility for the high load-bearing capacity of the hanging bag, allowing you to travel at ease and use it at ease.


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