Cloth Diapers or Reusable Diapers- Economy, sustainability, how to use, wash, dry and more!

Cloth Diapers or Reusable Diapers- Economy, sustainability, how to use, wash, dry and more!

The cloth diapers or reusable diapers are the best invention of the moment!

The best part of all is the savings generated and
a future without dirty plastic out there! 

Look how beautiful and comfortable the baby is!

Thinking about sustainability or economy, the reusable diapers are on top of the babies list.They can provide you 80% more economy in a year and can save the earth. Let's compare the actual cost of both types of diapers.

  • The disposable ones cost about $0.25-0.30 per use, while cloth diaper inserts only cost around $0.07 per use. If you are using around seven diapers a day, that adds up to $1.50 to $2.00 of savings per day from using the cloth ones.

Sounds pretty good right? Read on...

First, there are the initial, up-front costs of starting with the cloth ones. 24 diapers can cost anywhere from $100 to $600 depending on the type of diaper you use. Mommy Owl online store is the best quality for your money. You can typically get 24 Mommy Owl diapers for around $290 with insert! You will also need to buy a Hypoallergenic Liquid Laundry Detergent that costs around $24 each, with 105 loads. On top of that, there is the water and electricity used to wash the diapers, which can add up to $10 a month.

So, in the first year, the total savings will be around zero. However, the second year is when families will begin to see those savings add up, totalling $600 to $800. Of course, this number can vary depending on how long your baby stays in diapers. If your toddler keeps using them for the second year, you can see around $1,000 in savings per year!

Families will continue to benefit from these savings with a second child.

When you're thinking in comfort they continue working very well. The cloth diapers never cause allergy in the baby. They can be practically used every day, all the time. 

To understand how to use, look at the picture bellow:

Super soft inside and outside, the diaper has a perfect cut for babies. Elastic in the folds, for a better baby movement. Smooth type stitching, that your baby won't feel.

Can you see buttons on and a pocket on the inside of the diaper?

The buttons can be adaptable for the size of the child, on the sides and front, to keep your baby safe. The buttons are super practical, suitable for babies, and with this size they can wear the diaper for a long time, because you can adjust the size as your baby grows.

The pockets are for cloth inserts. Like this:

The washable cloths can be inserted in or can be used out of the pocket. You will feel how it works better for you. We recommend inserting it in.

Some parents prefer to use two, one outside and one inside. The cloths are strong absorbents, but sometimes the baby do more liquid or solid. This you will also see, as the baby grows and creates a routine, you will observe the times and quantities.

Now, let's talk about wash!

How to wash the reusable diapers?

We strongly recommend washing the cloth diapers with a Hypoallergenic Liquid Laundry Detergent for the first year of the baby and after just continue with a liquid detergent.

After removing your baby's diaper:

  • If there is poop in the diaper, remove the excess with running water (if it is liquid or pasty) or throw it in the toilet (if it is solid);

  • So you don't have to wash at each change, you can accumulate dirty diapers and absorbents in appropriate containers, such as laundry baskets. A tip: use an airy container to store the diapers. We recommend a storage time of no more than 3 days;

  • When washing, place the diapers and absorbents inside the machine and use the long cycle, to go through a double rinse;

  • Use about a tablespoon of powdered or liquid soap, it can be the same soap you already use in your baby's clothes; If you want, you can use a larger amount of soap, but it is very important that there is no soap left on the covers and absorbents after washing;

  • f after washing the pads and diapers still have some stain, don't worry, because exposure to the sun removes these stains, it seems like magic!

What not to do in the wash:

  • DO NOT LEAVE DIAPERS IN SOAKING. Over time this can damage the waterproof material of diapers;
  • DO NOT USE BAR SOAP . This waterproofs the pads and the inside of the diapers, which can cause leaks;
  • DO NOT USE SOFTENER, as this also waterproofs the pads and the inside of the diapers;
  • DO NOT USE DRYER, the high temperature, as excessive heat can damage the waterproof material of diapers. If you need to use it, don't go over 40 °C.The best way to dry them is on a drying rack, in the shade or in the sun on summer days. 

General care for cloth diapers:

  • Do not soak diapers;
  • Do not use bleach or bleach on diapers;
  • Do not use fabric softener in diapers and pads;
  • Do not pass bar soap on diapers and absorbents;
  • Do not use an iron on diapers and absorbents;
  • Do not use a tumble dryer to dry diapers;
  • Do not wash at temperatures above 40 degrees.

As you can see reusable diapers have only benefits.

The colors are super cute, you can choose which one you love the most. Your baby always stay clean, secure, without allergies, still be in fashion and you save the earth and your money!

You can purchase our beautiful collection right now.

Send it as a gift and it will also be a lot of success!





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