7 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Boys

7 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Boys

It is a BOY! Now you can plan one of the most beautiful days you will remember, the day of the baby shower. 

You can choose the colors, the food, the guests, and all details to turn this into a magic day!

The first tip we can give you is to choose your baby's godparents, as they can help you with everything. The baby’s godparents are very important people and they are going to be the ones who get to know your little man as well as you do.

And now before we mention the themes, here are some practical baby shower tips:

  • Choose the date in advance. Usually, the party is held between the 6th and 8th month of pregnancy;
  • Regardless of the theme, know that balloons are always welcome. Colors vary depending on the palette you choose. Usually, in male baby showers, blue and white colors predominant;
  • The decor details make all the difference. With the help of another person or a company specialized in these services, think carefully about this stage of the organization;
  • The menu may vary depending on the time of the event, as well as the number of confirmed guests.
  1. BEAR


This theme is one of the most used for baby showers and 1st birthday parties. It can be used with variations, such as multi-colored bear, sailor bear, aviator bear, prince bear and more.

Blue and white bear decoration



The prince theme can also be used with bears, but the little prince is also a theme that enchants. The versatility of the theme is incredible. Check out this cake idea we prepared for you.

Prince Cake, blue with a gold crown on top3. BLUE STORK BABY


The blue stork and the magic of the children's story creating reality for this beautiful moment. This theme is one of the dearest hands for future parents.



This theme is usually used outdoors, with a delicious barbecue or grilled fish on summer days.

It refers to the bottom of the sea, to the future that is to come, and to the little man of the house that is arriving.

Outdoor table, blue and white



Charming, delicate, the sheep baby shower is now gaining even more the taste of parents among the variety of themes for the event in which the arrival of the little one is celebrated. The sheep have been gaining space as the protagonists of this type of celebration for their versatility and elegance, in which they allow from a more colorful decoration and loaded with elements to a more minimalist proposal with neutral colors.

White and beige sheep decoration, clean and unisex.



Depending on your skills, you can make the baby shower decorations yourself using materials that cost little, look beautiful and yield good ideas for a decorated baby shower, the so-called DIY. These theme colors are easy to find, and can be very versatile, and you would just need to order a cake to give it a special touch.

 Boxes packed with paper, clotheslines with elements that remind the baby's universe, or even cute and decorative clotheslines with stars, hearts and clouds, as well as pom poms made of tissue paper and lots of balloons to decorate the baby shower decor.

Blue and Silver decoration, balloons, paper pompom, and black cake on center



This theme is the most used and loved by Canadian moms. And really cute!

Also versatile, it can vary, with different colors and genres.

This panel is an idea for the entrance or even the invitation.

panel to entrance Oh deer, light green color


With these ideas we are sure you can be inspired and you will be able to prepare this beautiful day with great affection for your little baby boy, whether you are the mom, grandma, friend or godmother.

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